Exhaust spare parts and fitting advice

Exhaust System Problems - repairs and fitting spare parts.

The most common reason for exhaust damage is rust, which can cause a multitude of problems.

Rust can cause complete exhaust leakage and failure leading to dangerous situations.

Sometimes the exhaust pipe can become so rust or damaged that it will become loose and start dragging on the road. If this happens you should take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic or exhaust specialist. If it is not safe to drive the vehicle you should ring for road side assistance and take care not to inhale any of the toxic fumes.

If you hear rattling under the vehicle it could mean something has become loose such as a bracket, heat shield or a piece of exhaust pipe. It’s important to get your exhaust system examined if this is the case. Loose exhaust parts or missing brackets can put additional structural stress on the exhaust system and damage other expensive components. We supply a wide range of exhaust mounting kits to repair such damages.

Did you know? Going on several short journeys in your vehicle can accelerate exhaust erosion. After a short drive the water vapour cools and turns back into a liquid leading to a higher chance of rust formation.



  • Worn exhaust can be fire hazard.
  • Breathing exhaust fumes can affect driving and be hazardous to health.


  • Oil fouled/blocked brick (Oil or fuel additives entering converter.
  • Broken/dented brick by road damage.
  • Melted brick from excessive exhaust heat (poor engine tuning/faulty oxygen sensor.